KUALA LUMPUR:  He will not step down as prime minister until he has resolved the problems facing the country, PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad says.

According to the prime minister, the problems included recovering the billions lost through 1Malaysia Development Bhd, finding and trying Jho Low and cleansing the public service of corruption.

There was no actual date or time mentioned (for him to step down), Dr Mahathir said during his interview with the Financial Times.

“The actual time that I will be there depends on the problems that we face.

“I’ve had some experience solving financial problems, so they want me to solve the problems before I step down, ” he said.

“I mentioned at the time when they appointed me that I would not be permanently there, that means that I wouldn’t finish a whole term, ” he said.

When asked to confirm if he still stood by his demand that PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would be the person to succeed him, he said yes without hesitation and pointed out that he had promised this. Dr Mahathir was also asked about conspiracy theories that he did not plan to leave the prime minister’s post.

Dr Mahathir also commented about the conspiracy theories that he did not plan to leave the prime minister’s post and he explained that he needed to be careful in appointing a successor due to his previous “mistakes”. “I have made many mistakes in appointing my successors, so I don’t want to make another mistake this time, ” he said.

He said,  “At the moment, maybe”, he considered himself the only person suited to the challenge of leading Malaysia now – the reason of his reluctance to relinquish the position quickly.

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