Grab, the ride-hailing company is going to have to use vehicles which have been approved by the government. Moreover, it will be subjected to tax and insurance requirements such as taxis. This has been revealed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister during his talk with Langkawi taxi drivers.

He said that he discussed the matter in the cabinets and has told the ministers to fix it. However, there has been no progress yet. He says that he is going to try again and he feels that it is unfair. The matter has his attention but he cannot assure that Grab is going to be abolished but he can make an effort to make it like taxis.

This incident had its own share of drama as the reporters detailed a walkout by many disgruntled cabbies as they had been unhappy with the explanations offered by Mahathir. In reply, the upset Dr. Mahathir have told off the cabbies by stating that it isn’t a problem for him to resign from the position of Prime Minister as it is not a problem for him. As per the report, around 200 cabbies that had been working on the island attended the dialogue. A majority of them are against Grab monopoly stating that it can affect their livelihoods.


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