A big airline is going to carry out the special programme for Port Dickson’s constituents pretty soon declares Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He is the Pakatan Harapan candidate for 13th October Port Dickson by-election and he stated that he is going to declare the details in the next few days. He believes that the airline programme is one of the biggest programme which he has thought about for the Port Dickson people.

When he was campaigning in Kampung Seri Parit he said that he is going to announce within few days.  Anwar is facing a seven corner fight and has said that the plans he had is actually the construction of the hotel and a specialized educational programme for the Standard 1 to form 5 students. He is also going to announce the details of the hotel and the education programme that is going to create job opportunities for the locals pretty soon.

He had focused on the point that the programmes are going to be supervised by the private sector. As a matter of fact, he has also mentioned that the new hotel is going to make way for some economic activities in the resort town. People might feel that he is making the announcement just to gain entry into the parliament but as the incoming MP, he has to take care of his constituents and make sure that there are good economic opportunities what will stop the migration of young people.

Mr. Anwar has also requested the voters to exercise their constitutional rights on the polling day to make sure that there is a good turnout. He says that he needs the support of the people as there has been attempt to prevent him from becoming the MP.


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