The Malay community of parliamentary constituency of Port Dickson wants this beach resort destination to be developed just like the major tourism destination, Langkawi. As a matter of fact, they want to government to offer more assistance in order to help them out to improve the economic status and also to look after the welfare and interests of the petty traders in the constituency.

Mohd Aminnudin Abd Rahman, a trader stated that it is time for Port Dickson to be developed as a well-known international tourist destination. He also told Bernama that anyone who wins parliamentary by-election of Port Dickson will be able to develop the constituency in order to become a prime tourist destination just like major resorts of Langkawi, interesting tourist’s spots, and hotels. Samad is making it a point to do everything for the betterment of Malaysia.

According to Mohd Aminnudin Abd Rahman different kinds of tourism events should be held in Port Dickson in order to attract more visitors to the beautiful beaches. Port Dickson will become less lively since there are no improvements and the number of tourists is also decreasing. Any person who is elected needs to strive on order to boost the name of Port Dickson.

For Alias Ibrahim, the army retiree other than boosting the economic and tourism development of the constituency, the people of Port Dickson will want the elected representative to go down the ground in order to understand their problems. The by-election of Port Dickson is being held following the seat vacation by incumbent Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah on 12th of September in order to give away to the president elect of PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to come back to the Parliament. The election commission has set out the poll date as 13t October and also today for an early voting.


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