Qatar’s monarchy alleged support of weapons to terrorist group Hezbollah are putting the lives of 10,000 U.S. troops stationed in the middle east,  dossier claims.

Jason G, a private security contractor who conducted business with Qatar’s weapons procurement told the Fox news that a ‘member of the royal family’ allegedly gave permission to deliver global terrorist group Hezbollah.

The documents provided by Jason G verfied by Fox news showed the role played by the Qatari royal family in financing the terrorist group.

Fox News reported that Qatar’s ambassador to Belgium and the NATO Abdulrahman Bin Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Khulaifi reportedly sought to pay Jason G. to kept silent on the role of Qatar in the financial and weapon support to the Lebanese Shiite organization.

According to Jason G., He met Al-Khulaifi in Brussels in January 2019. These revelations were revealed with the aim of exposing the Qatar regime ‘to stop funding the terrorist’. He added that these are bad apples that needs to be taken out and for Qatar to become part of the international community.

Nathalie Goulet, a French senator who led an investigation on terror networks in Europe urged the body to have a policy regarding the gulf state and cautioned to be careful on their involvement with the terrorist group.

Ian Paisley Jr, who is a member of the parliament told Fox news the Qatar’s support to terrorist is outrageous and urged the government to act decisively.

Qatar’s financial and charity systems have been subjected to alleged terror finance schemes. The Washington Free Beacon reported last June that a lawsuit has been filed in New York asserting that Qatari institutions funded terrorist organizations.

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