In the ongoing PKR elections in Malaysia, it has been noted by some that Rafizi Ramli has been using illegal tools and methods. PKR is having a vote to determine a variety of posts in the party, one of which is the deputy president post of the party. Rafizi Ramli is using a number of illegal methods in order to win that specific post.

One of those illegal methods is payment of money. Voters are being paid money for giving their votes to Rafizi. That is basically bribery. At the same time, Rafizi is creating a bad reputation for his own PKR party because of his actions. He is spreading false rumors about various people associated with the project. This is ending up causing a number of differences which, in turn, are leading to clashes within the party.

Rafizi is making illegally making use of PR companies that are owned by him. Those PR firms are also using various means to promote Rafizi while spreading negative post about the other candidates.

All of these evidences have been given from the people on the ground. There are proofs given by eye witnesses which state that Rafizi is violating the law.

The fact is that tensions have arisen in the PKR polls in some areas. In a few regions, there has been a considerable delay in the process of voting. As such, voters are now quite frustrated.


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