PKR members who wanted to vote at a separate branch than their own can do so but they will have to fill-up the form 11. This way the problem of the phantom voters are not going to arise as said by Rashid Din, the chairperson of Central Elections Committee. He said that the voters have to be kept separately and they are going to be classified as uncertain votes.

He told that the form is going to be sent to them and if they find that the names are not in the membership then their votes are going to be rejected. He had been responding to the claims made by Gan Pei Nei, the Rawang assemblyman who is vying for the chief post of Selayang division that there had been phantom votes in the election. Gan have later lodged a police report regarding the matter.

In the meantime, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, the PKR secretary-general has said that Sarawak PKR’s demand for his resignation due to his poor performance is uncalled for. He said that he has explained in detail regarding the spike in the membership of Julau division. A group of PKR members in Petaling Jaya from Johor Bharu division is known to have turned up the party headquarters for demanding that stern action has to be taken against Johor Bahru MP Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir because he flouted election rules.

Akmal is known to have accused by a fellow contender Tan that he has coached members regarding voting. However, he has denied allegation. In the meantime, Xavier Jayakumar vying for the post of vice-president have said that he is still confident about winning even if there have been attempts to overthrow him.

The Complaints and Appeals Committee of the party have issued that Land, Water, and Natural Resource Minister a warning after the complaints which have been made against him by the members of the party. However, Jayakumar denied to have received such a letter and is known to have slammed the ones who are spreading such post.


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