KUALA LUMPUR – Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has clarified yesterday that the food aid packs that some have priced at RM35 on social media were not from the government.

The senior minister was not the same ones worth RM100 the Welfare Department is distributing to those in need. Women and Family Development Minister Rina Harun informed Ismail Sabri that Welfare Department also receives donations from non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

“The Women and Family Development Minister Rina Harun has informed the Cabinet meeting that the centers which gather food packs by the Welfare Department also receive delivery from NGOs,” Ismail Sabri said in a press conference.

The senior minister also claimed that they don’t imposed a fixed cost for the donation and that private individuals can give contributions at any amount from RM30 to RM300 depending on their capability.

Ismail Sabri said this when asked to comment on reports about Rasah MP Cha Kee Chin not receiving the number of food packs allocated for his constituency. Sin Chew Daily reported that Rasah MP Cha Kee Chin saying that despite applying for 950 food packs for the B40 groups in his constituency, he only received 150 even though his constituency was entitled for 1,000 food packs in an updated list. He also quoted saying the total retail price of all the items in each of the food packs is only RM35 and not RM100.


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