Just days before PKR members here is going to vote in the party election, Christina Liew, the state chief have called for clam after the 2 members had been arrested for alleged corruption. As per the statement of the Sabah deputy chief minister, it is unfair for the members to speculate the wrongdoing prior to any official charged and have urged the people who are involved to make sure that the PKR polls progresses without any kind of issue.

She said that they are waiting for the outcome of the probe and avoid pinpointing anyone. In case they are proven guilty, they will be able to assess the situation. She also said that the incident had been isolated to one division.

Liew says that even if there is such a thing that she denies it is one out of 147,000 cases for the PKR members in Sabah. In order to be few to the rest, they cannot accuse everyone of committing the corruption just because of this case. That will not be fair.

Two PKR members from Kimanis, last weekend in the west coast of Sabah had remanded 6 days by magistrate court. One is actually a 57 year old candidate who is contesting for the post of Kimanis division chairman while the others are just members. Allegedly, they have bribed central election committee of PKR for allowing the candidate who is believed to be bankrupt since the year 2010 and holding the MyKads contest.

Liew stated that party rules had been clear that bankrupts cannot contest but have again stressed that the facts in the case had not yet been established. She reiterated that the party is going to take disciplinary action in case there is a proven wrong doing.


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