The voters of Port Dickson need to use this by-election like a platform to send a robust message to the Pakatan Harapan that they do not accept the actions and policies of the government. The Independent candidate Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan have said that the Port Dickson by-election is to make sure that they do not take any decision at a whim without taking other people into account.
Saiful states that the people have voted thinking that they are going to enjoy a better life and an economy but this had not been the case since May 9 general election. Saiful holds personal grudges against Anwar. He feels that he is not suitable to be the Prime Minister. As a matter of fact, he is not at par with the present Prime Minister. Saiful aims to prevent the former boss to become the Prime Minister.
Moreover, Saiful has also said that Anwar is abusing his power. He had been against the waste of public fund at the beginning but nit ne is using the money of people to cater to his own agenda. This is the reason he calls Anwar a hypocrite.
To appeals to the voters of Port Dickson to judge for themselves what Pakatan Harapan has done till date. The people’s mandate to them is being ignored as if they do not have any dignity. The result of the by-election is not going to change the government. However, it will give pressure and serve as a clear signal to PH that the policies and the conduct have been rejected by rakyat. This will make them scared to act as they feel like and also realize that in case rakyat is able to bring them to power, they will also be able to topple them.


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