Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan have stressed that the sodomy case that involves Daruk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR president elect in 2008 have really happened. During the time of campaign trial at Kamping Teluk Pelanduk only last night, Saiful stated that he swore on the Quran thrice to prove his truthfulness.

He said that he has lodged a police report at the Federal Territory Mosque of Mecca and also at the court. However, Anwar hasn’t ever done the same.  It is not a lie that sodomy has taken place. Saiful have mentioned this in his reply to the elder women who wanted to clarify to him to clear out if the act had at all taken place or if it had just been a slander.

Saiful had commented on Anwar’s full royal pardon stating that people who were guilty are the ones who are going to receive it. He told the small crowd that he needs to stop him from becoming the prime minister. All people want is just the truth.


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