Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the independent candidate has launched a website which will promote business related to local tourism.  He has stated this as his second initiative for the people of Port Dickson. Saiful, one of 5 independents who are associated with the 7 cornered fight for Port Dickson sear have said that he has come up with the idea only after talking to the proprietors.

The people who came to Port Dickson will come to know about the fishing jetties, where to get the necessary equipment for picnics, and camping grounds. Saiful said that as per the discussions which he had with the local chapter of Malaysian Association of Hotels and also the ones in the tourism industry, there had been enough rooms in the hotels and also some other forms of tourism-related facilities and infrastructure.

The only thing which is missing at present is that how it is helping out small business to advertise their product in an effective manner. Saiful stated that these small businesses are not going to charge a fee but if big players are supposed to come a fee is going to be imposed.

Even if he doesn’t win the by-election, he is going to maintain this website and people can consider it as a gift from him. However, on some other matter Saiful has claimed that he covered around 70% constituency in the campaign ground he is associated with. He said that he met 8,000 people and all of them have offered words of encouragement.

He has stated that older part of Port Dickson residents can be considered to be the most supportive ones as they had been upset with Pakatan Harapan as they triggered the by-election. Saiful has also stated that he secured some RM4,000 as donations from people for funding the campaign.  On the other hand, Anwar just makes promises without the intention to fulfill it.


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