On 9th November, the Sarawak chapter of PKR conveyed its doubts over the fact that some leaders might be working to conceal the accusations of membership scam in the Julau branch.

The state PKR committee member Baharuddin Mokshen stated that the central leadership has staunchly overlooked the complaints registered in the party headquarters over uncertain changes in the membership roll of the Julau division. Agreeing to a report that over 11,000 of the members have the same address clearly proves the glaring deformity which the central PKR leadership has been avoiding.

Baharuddin stated that as the things are not right, they would be looking into it so that the party doesn’t come to an end.

Another PKR committee member, Desmond Kho, stated that the Julau branch is still due to have elections along with the rest of the Sarawak branches on Saturday, regardless of the uncertain accusations. He even added that the officials from PKR’s central election committee are already present in Sibu and would head to Julau later on. The election committee would be managing the election depending on the registration of members.

Sarawak PKR Wanita chief Norhanim Mokshen conveyed his fears that the party was about to be homogenized by local bosses that she alleges were being permitted to buy their way to power.

She mentioned that she is not against the newcomers, yet the party shouldmlook into it that the party is not looted from inside by the state chapters.  Hence, she feels that they should choose the right candidate for the party. A right candiatetd with a good track record would be very suitable for the post of deputy president of PKR party. The person should be able to bolster the party. Norhanim feels officeholder Datuk Seri Azmin Ali as the person who ideally fits the bill.

She requested party members to support Azmin and not his contender, Rafizi Ramli. She even pointed that Rafizi has been making use of unlawful ways in order to win the votes in the ongoing election. It has been noted that Rafixi has been making use of illicit channels to secure votes, such as paying money to voters. Even Rafizi is taking the help of PR companies to present others in negative light. She feels that if Rafizi comes to power, PKR would be finished.


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