7 PKR branches that faced problems during the party election will have to go through the process once again on November 11. These 7 branches are Kuala Selangor, Masjid Tanah, Kota Melaka, Jelebu in Alor Gajah and Negri Sembilan, Tangga Batu, and Jasin in Melaka.

Datuk Rashid Din, the party election committee chairman said that Kuala Selangor and Jelebu is going to be a complete re-vote while the ones in Melaka is going to involve the ones who are yet to cast the ballots. He said that the committee now in the process to make the required preparation to make sure that there is going to be no problem this time.

He said that they have learned a lot from 12 state elections that have already gone on and they have tried solving each weakness. He said that they learn from their mistakes. On Kuala Selangor branch election, certain quarters had used a jammer for disrupting the e-voting process, Rashid stated that the committee regretted that such an action had taken place and had advised the party members to avoid doing such things.

He mentioned that police is still investigating the matter and in case it is true that the e-voting process had been sabotaged, disciplinary action is going to be taken against them. On the basis of the case in Kuala Selangor, they didn’t rule out the possibility that the other branches had experienced some kind of internet issue might have been similarly affected by the jammers. Rashid have disclosed many other dirty tactics that are used by the party members like reusing QR codes at both Pandan and Ampang branches. However, the problem had been detected even before the members could vote and they had been barred from doing it.


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