How much anger is a party election capable of generating? When it comes to setting records, the ongoing PKR is on the top.

Phantom voters claim an overlap by internet jammers. Candidates are seen screaming when they are not being punched inside the halls while the supporters scan the non-genuine voters that they would attack. Elections were delayed, suspended, or the status was to be updated soon. It has been a scene of chaos and there is no more excuse that the government is behind all these. This is because PKR is the government now.

The fury seems to be the result of the combination of factors from faction fanaticism to error-strewn polls. PKR is the largest party in the parliament and it sullies the notion democracy is on up in Malaysia with the weekend display which have been in rage for more than a month.

Since the party is in line to run the country, regular Malaysians are mortified by the election proceedings. However, what is absent is the party-wide regret over this spectacle and also the apologies of the leaders. To say sorry for the disgrace of an election.

Anwar Ibrahim, the incoming president has shown disdain and talks of action against the transgressors but none of the people have apologized for the madness. The leaders should apologize because the punches are actually be thrown away by the supporters.

The party-secretary general, Saifuddin Nasution and many other leaders have made an attempt to play down the violence simply by characterizing the content as a friendly competition amongst the leaders for helping out the party. A kind of sibling rivalry without any harm intended. The 1st among several problems with the assets is that this objectively untrue.

There is a problem. It is a massive systematic problem. Brushing it aside will not flatter PKR. Saifuddin Nasution,


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