Candidates for the positions of PKR branches should be given the permission to inspect the polling centers on the day of the election procedures where re-votes will be held. Juwairiya Zulkifli, one of the hopefuls for the Kuala Selangor branch chief post stated that demand will be made by her to the election committee of the party for giving this allowance. She was worried about the fact that the branch elections can be sabotaged again and so it is important for the candidates to check or inspect the polling centers during the voting process.

She said that she will be sending an official letter to the chairman of the committee mentioning about the need to put in demand for which the votes in some parts were postponed. The committee must take some more amount of responsibility to ensure the security of both the system of the vote and also the infrastructure of the vote venue. She also said she will ask the committee to allow all the candidates who are the heads or the representatives for the inspection of the venue when they are setting up a day or night before the vote. The election of Kuala Selangor PKR that was held at the Kuala Selangor Indoor Stadium had to be postponed because of reasons that were considered to be the technical glitches at first.

A report was lodged at the police headquarters of the Kuala Selangor after a gadget and a jammer was found in the seating area at the stadium by the cleaning personnel of the Kuala Selangor District Council. The chief superintendent of the police said that the case was under investigation. Section 427 of the Penal Code has been lodged for the case of sabotage.


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