Enjoy a Deepavali feast with South Indian flavors while you reminisce on the dished which remind them of the home in the promotion of “An Indian Spice Trail”. The promotion at Aloft Kuala Lumpur for a month long is going to feature the spiced and fragrant Indian delicacies which are made using Indian recipes of the father of Kumeresan Chandra Sagaran. Thus, the promotion is a nostalgic journey of the past of Kumeresean recreating the dishes which he relished as a child.

He said that his father shared his cooking secrets with him since he was young and this Deepavali menu contained all his favorite dishes that he had when he was growing up. He added that the buffet spread is going to transport diners to the time they enjoyed meals that were home cooked during the festive season. When he had designed the menu, he thought of the dishes that he would like to eat. He added that he just wanted to have something familiar from his dad’s creation.

Irrespective of serving some favorite traditional dishes, Kumeresan have added some of his twist to the dishes. One of his favorite is the lamb vaurval. This is a dry curry dish where all flavors of various spices which is used gets absorbed in the meat. Irrespective of being warned about the spiciness of the lamb, he found that the taste is just right and the meat render and fragrant. Both the biriyani and the lamb is his father’s recipe.

Apart from this, the crab rasam made by Kumeresan is going to be on the buffet. Rasam is popular for its medical properties and is generally consumed for reducing body fever and heat. For Deepavali, this crab rasam is going to be a treat for everyone. The diners who are not interested in seafood, tomato rasam can be an option.


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