New ban have been made on electronic cigarettes, vaping, and smoking and its ground by the parliament are now in force. Health minister have also said that his ministry have already issued eight notices for the offences since the banning have been done by the parliament which have already come into effectiveness in Kuala Lumpur. He also added that one of the offenders was also an MP, but he did not disclose the identity of the lawmaker. The open air enclosure within the premises of the building which was used as a smoking zone earlier has also been closed down. The closure was carried out by the enforcement officers from the ministry.

The same rule also applies for all the eateries, both open and the air conditioned ones, also which are there within the building of parliament. The area is also restricted not only for smoking but also for e-cigarettes and vaping too. The restaurants on the other hand have no smoking rule as such which also includes e-cigarettes and vaoing. The ban against smoking in public places will not be extended to vaping. The health minister also explained that only authorities can take some kind of action on the vape products which may contain nicotine under the current laws.


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