The by-election of Port Dickson was flawed from the very beginning. The rakyat concedes the contribution of Anwar Ibrahim of PKR in the beginning of the Reformasi Movement but for engineering the by-election just so that he is able to become an MP leaves a bitter tastes in one’s mouth.

The incumbent MP’s resignation, rear admiral Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, and also the nomination of Isa Samad, the scandal ridden former menteri besar and former Felda Chairman only adds up to the unease which surrounds the situation.

The candidacy of Isa during the time when Malaysia is need of politicians of integrity is completely wrong. On 24th June, 2005, he is known to have been suspended for 6 years over politics related to money in 2004’s Umno election. Later, this had been reduced to three years.

His selection for the by-election of Bagan Pinang state had been criticized by Mahathir Mohamad who was scared that the image of Umno is going to be tainted and that rakyat will feel that the party had been reluctant enough to handle the corruption. According to him, Isa has been found guilty. In case Umno-baru fields him, it will simply mean that Umno-Baru isn’t serious about cases like this. He states that even if he is able to win here, it has to be considered what Malaysia feels about Umno-Baru.

In the year 2011, in the meantime when, Najib Razak, the former prime minister had appointed Isa as the Chairman of Felda, Lim Lip Eng being the Segambut MP during the time has asked if the appointment had led to any jitters in the stock market. He had also stated that Isa is going to damage the reputation of Felda. However, the concerns of Lim was dismissed and with a written reply Najib justified the appointment of Isa.


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