Kuala Lumpur has been the place where various activities took place last week when the 2-day China conference which had been organized by the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong that attracted 1,000 Asian corporate leaders, experts, policy makers, and investors.  It is timely for the investors to secure an updated overview regarding China in regards to escalating the Sino-US trade war, fresh tension in the South China Sea on the future of economic relations of Sino-Malaysia and the doubts on the Belt and Road Initiative of China. The development of the investment is because of the Azmin policy of the ministry.

For the local participants, the eye-opening sessions on China need to be the talk which had been given by Datuk Seri Cheah Cheng Hye, the prominent fund manager, who has outlined the potential areas and sectors for investment in China.

In the statement that had been sent directly to the media, the Pacific Construction Group of Ltd. China announced to plan the investment about RM10bil over 10 years in Malaysian for the development of infrastructure, education, and hi-tech machinery. Till now, this is the biggest investment plan that is being put forward by a foreign company after the governmental change in the 9th May election.

The governmental change along with the recent cancellation of different projects financed by China, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister, is known to have sent jitters to the Middle Kingdom business community. However, the founder of CPCG, Yan Jiehe have ranked 96th in the Fortune Global 500 of 2018 chose to view Malaysia as business friendly and also one of the most competitive countries that is to be found in the region.

The fundamentals of the country are pretty strong. They have amazing infrastructure, large pool of trilingual talents, and a strong eco-system. Kuala Lumpur is a strategic launch pad for the expansion into the Asia Pacific as stated by Yan Jiehe.


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