Country midfielder Brendan Gan (pic) is Malaysian football ‘s favorite, thanks to his last year’s success in the 2022 Asian Cup qualifying campaign. The 31-year-old helped Malaysia earn back-to-back wins over Thailand (2-1) and Indonesia (2-0) in November placing Malaysia in Group G’s favourite.

He was also known for Perak as a hard worker, and has become a key player for Selangor now. His rise in the Malaysian squad, however, had not been fast.

After his 2016 debut he’s had to show his value every inch of the way.

He thinks there were mixed emotions from players during the first few camps which he understood. He said he needed to prove himself to be good enough and also to demonstrate how much he wanted to play for the country.

He added that they don’t get a free pass. Everybody needs to show commitment and earn stripes. Brendan, who has won 15 caps, stated that it was great to see the team develop on and off the field, and he knows that the new group headed by coach Tan Cheng Hoe still has good stuff to come about.

This is no shock to see people desire blended ethnicity stars because of Brendan ‘s outstanding behavior on and off the field. The Malaysian Football Association (FAM) is open to the national team’s use of naturalized players, but stressed that they would not rush into the players.

Two factors should be considered for Brendan. He believe the conversation of naturalization and mixed ancestry moves in waves. Since he always looked at two key factors-are they sufficiently good and mentally prepared to play. If they are committed to the badge-will they give the jersey and the nation 100 percent.

It is very convenient for the FAM to make a choice after seeing him in practice. For the national team, every fresh mixed-heritage player will first line up against Brendan Gan. Such a good progress!


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