Malaysia’s e-commerce landscape is booming, and will only continue to grow in the next five years at least, said Malaysia ‘s head of country Carousell Tang Siew Wai. Tang said the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the shift in shopping habits for consumers, and he expects it

To most Malaysians it’s the new standard. Many brick and mortar firms have already begun pivoting online, and many more must follow suit to continue their profits.

Even traditional business services (e.g. air-condition repairs, CCTV installers etc.) and our beloved mamak food stalls are now online at Carousell, He said Carousell had seen a significant lift in online activities since late January this year. That means more people are coming to search, browse, shop and compare prices online. The momentum doesn’t slow down anytime soon because people who are financially tight will need to convert unused or unsold stocks into cash.

There will likely be several other intelligent consumers evaluating the cost of fresh and used goods before taking the choice to purchase them. he added. He said there was still some negative connotation associated with second-hand, but this is gradually declining and becoming increasingly acceptable on the market , particularly among internet-savvy people working grown ups in Malaysia.

Tang said small and medium-sized companies would aim for a forum that has high visibility and low operational costs. If a small and medium-sized business owner is not familiar with online business, he / she should start with online marketplaces that are easy to learn and use to minimize operational disruption.

He said a platform with a huge online presence is key to getting one’s brand or products known, with the changing retail environment. Tang shared that the application is opened six times a day by Carousell users, with each session averaging more than 13 minutes.

Tang highlighted that the trick is to begin building one’s online business slowly through online marketplaces (first) before making some strong investments to develop one’s own online dot-com shop.


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