Malaysia has the right to review the water agreement of 1962 and it has always maintained this stand.  It will also take some amount of efforts to do the review which have been maintained by Datuk Marzuki Yahya, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Malaysia. He is also of the thought that Malaysia has the right to review the water deal after 25 years according to the agreement, even though Singapore has attempted many times to say that it do not have the right to review the deal. The attempt which have been taken by Singapore to declare that Malaysia have lost the review right shows they are weak and they want to twist the facts which have been mentioned in the agreement.

According to the agreement of both 1961 and 1962 water deal, it is also clearly stated that a review for the price for the water deal can be even after 25 years and it is the reality stated by Malaysia. The deputy foreign minister also said in reply that he would like to mention again that the review rights of Malaysia for the price of water cannot be denied by Singapore. It was also added by him that Malaysia is now in the middle of beginning with the negotiations with Singapore for the determination of the price that will be beneficial for both the parties.

Currently, the price of three sen per thousand gallons of water which is in the raw stage is much low than the usual one and so it does not benefit any of the parties, either Singapore or Malaysia. It also made a statement that it has the stand to review for the price of the water during the bilateral meeting with Singapore which was held in the month of July. It is mentioned in the agreement that Singapore have been given with the exclusive rights to draw up a maximum of 250 million gallons of water per day from Johor. The water agreement will expire in 2061.


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