Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, praised Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, President of Football Association of Malaysia for the launch of the road map of F30. The primary aim of the road map is to transform Malaysia into one of the top five football powerhouses in Asia within 2030. It was also revealed by the president of FIFA that the idea of F30 by Hamidin was not surprising for him because it was conceived by the Malaysians during his visit to Melaka in the year 2001.

FIFA consists of 211 members and all of them want to do the same thing which he has eyed to do. Gianni Infantino said that he made up his mind to make F30 when he met up with Hamidin back in 2001. He also stated that it is a great feeling for him to be associated with a country like Malaysia which is also a football enthusiast. They will understand the definition of the future of football if explained in a proper way. He also believes the best way by which Malaysia can move forward is through hard work and this road map will definitely change the history of football in the country. Once the plan takes shape, everything will be better for them especially in the sphere of football.

FIFA president is also of the hope that the F30 road map can be planned with the help of concrete actions and discipline too. Malaysia will also be able to achieve all its ambitious targets in a short period of time if the plan is done in the right path. FIFA teach its players that they should respect one another through football and sportsman spirit too. players can also learn how to pick themselves up if they lose any of the games from FIFA and it will continue to support all the members of this sports association for progressing with the help of this sport, football.


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