The Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture have released a set of strict criteria before it awards any tourism player with the Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance 2019 certificate. The certificate recognizes the outstanding service provided by the tourism agencies to all the foreign as well as local tourists.
The Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik said that there were seven main criteria based on which the tourism players would be awarded the quality assurance certificate.
The seven criteria include information, initial impression, attraction, the facilities, and the staff, the safety and also the sustainable practices. There will also be a MyTQA team that would be analyzing the criteria and it would include multiple steps that the team would also audit. The team would check the place, the panel and also evaluate whether the certificate would be awarded to the group or not.
Additionally, the certificate would also be valid for a span of three years. During these three years, the authorities would be conducting random checks too. In case the standard of the services falls then the certificate can also be withdrawn from those who received it.
The Minister said that the objective of the certificate was to encourage the tourism players to maintain a decent standard of the services they provide to the tourists both local and foreign. He said that the ministry has been receiving a lot of complaints regarding the products provided to the tourists and also the condition of the toilets and safety issues.
The introduction of such a certificate seems to be a good move by the ministry where the tourism players will try keeping a minimum standard to the tourists they serve.


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