It will be mandatory for all the private cars to have child car seats by 2020. The statement was made by the Transport Minister of Malaysia. He also said that the ministry will conduct an awareness program in the coming year for giving the education about the importance of using child car seats to the citizens. The plan which the government has planned for is to launch awareness programs and advocacy by the beginning of the next year before they can implement the compulsory requirement for the drivers. The decision, according to the discussions held between the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research and the Transport Minister was to make it compulsory the present year but it has been postponed to 2020.

The main reason for the postpone is that the industry is not ready yet with supplies and stock of the child car seats which will be required by all the private cars of Malaysia. The initiative to make the child seats for cars budget-friendly has been taken up by the Road Safety Council so that everyone can afford it. Transport Minister also said that the ministry of Malaysia will suggest the Finance Minister to not any amount of tax, sales or service, on the child car seats so that everybody can buy it.

He is also of the hope that the MOF will be ready to accept the proposal of the Malaysian Ministry and if there is any kind of announcement which is positive will be shortly announced to the public by them. It was also declared by the Transport Minister of Malaysia that the government has not decided whether they will impose any kind of penalties for the people who do not follow the road rule.


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