The government of Malaysia will not give in to the demands made by the taxi drivers for the ride-hailing services. They also want the Grab to be banned stated by the Transport Minister of Malaysia. He is of the thought that the government has the knowledge of the problems that are being faced by them, but the Ministry has to look into the issues from the perspective of both the passengers and the taxi drivers.

The ministry of Malaysia have come up with a solution which can be a winning situation for both the parties that is it will protect the welfare of the taxi drivers of the country and also the for the drivers who take the services from the ride-hailing companies as well. The ministry is also planning for encouraging the taxi drivers who use e-hailing applications to know whether it is from the Grab or any other company. The focus should be on the e-hailing companies and not only on the Grab because there are more than 20 to 30 e-hailing companies in the country along with other options. The Minister from the Transport department also urged all the MP’s for giving the taxi driver associations the assistance in their own constituencies so that they can use smartphones and get the chance of using e-call technology.

Protests were made by approximately 100 taxi drivers outside the finance ministry of the country in Putrajaya. Following reports were also made that the government may work with Grab so that they can provide services regarding transport at all the MRT stations. Political secretary of the finance minster gave suggestion to replace with Grab with feeder bus service which can travel to train stations. But the country has no plans for the replacement and it is just proposal given by the secretary.


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