It is beneficial for the taxi drivers to use e-hailing apps instead of rejecting the use of technology. The transport minister of Malaysia recommended the taxi drivers that the apps can be a corresponding method and it can also supplement their income by adding some extra amount to it. This method is better than the traditional one which can reduce the number of passengers for them. The transport minister said that he is of the strong opinion that the taxi drivers must be urged to use e-hailing platforms which will help them to get two streams of passengers, both from e-hailing and street hailing. This will also help them to increase their income as well.

The transport minister of Malaysia, Anthony Loke Siew Fook, said that he is much aware of the situation or the problems that are being faced by the taxi drivers. But the problems must be looked into as serious issues and thorough discussion is necessary to be done regarding this matter. The main purpose of the transport ministry is to encourage the taxi drivers of the country to use more of the e-hailing applications, whether it is from Grab or any other companies as well. He also recommended or rather urged all the Member of Parliament so that they can use allocations in their respective parliamentary constituencies to assist jointly all the taxi drivers associations is using smartphones that will enable them to use the –call as well along with the e-hailing applications.


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