Samuel Smiles ones said, The obligation to support oneself in the fullest sense requires serving one’s neighbors.

In view of this, The British Foreign Minister and First Secretary of State, Dominic Raab, took To and praised Malaysia for sending 200 tons of gloves to the GSP.

The thank-you message landed at Bournemouth Airport as a passenger plane with “Thank You SLIM” written on its fuselage, carrying in 10 million pairs of surgical gloves from Kuala Lumpur. According to sources, the boxes of gloves will be shipped to the HNS Manufacturer Crest Medical based in Warrington.

As the biggest manufacturer of rubber gloves, the decision to keep its workers healthy from Covid-19 came after widespread condemnation of the UK Government for refusing to provide adequate personal protective equipment ( PPE) to them, leaving doctors and nurses to pack their own protection kits together.

Using a commercial airplane to carry boots, a number of news outlets in the United Kingdom shared pictures of boxes attached to seats.

As the UK Government hastens to secure frontlines in the UK, sources say that some more flights are expected to carry PPE from all corners of the globe over the next few weeks.

They shared that they are hoping their mates in the UK and others across the world will be able to survive this worldwide pandemic together.

This kind of gesture will surely be a great impact in knowing that helping each other in times of crisis is priceless and will definitely build stronger relationships in each country. 

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