The voting process of PKR is to pick up divisional and central leadership in Pahang has progressed smoothly irrespective of the low turnout because of the uncertain weather. An official from the state PKR Party Election Committee, the numbers is expected to augment in the afternoon prior to the poll ending at 5pm. She said that it is raining in some parts of the state but they are expecting more members to come out as soon as the weather improves. No untoward incident has been reported in any of the polling centers.

The digital voting process in the 14 branches of the state have progressed without any disturbance of trouble even though some members and supporters were engaged in minor shouting match while they lobbied for the candidate.

It has been known that as of noon, the turnout is yet to reach 50% mark of some 33,000 voters registered in Pahang.  In the meantime, there has been a tensed situation at Paya Besar branch poll center when the supporters of Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali were not happy as the supporters of Rafizi Ramli tried entering the restricted area at the Taman Tas multi-purpose hall entrance.  It has been learn that the supporters of Rafizi had been trying to lobby for the candidate simply by distributing the pamphlet to the members who had been making their way to the hall to vote.

Nonetheless, others who spotted the incident immediately pull aside the ones who had been involved in the incident before the situation became normal. Shouts of Azmin Ali and Rafizi could be heard every time members would have walked into the hall in order to check his or her name under the canopy. 2 canopies had been set up in front of the polling center of Paya Besar here to canvas voters for the PKR deputy president candidates Rafizi and Azmin.


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