Moe Chiba, the UNESCO Jakarta Cultural Unit Head have said that the managers of the world heritage sites needs to focus on selling experiences of the local cultures and arts so that the tourists keep on returning to visit.

She has said that tourists are now sophisticated since they do not want to go back to a certain place if it just offers some heritage monument and some touristy places. She said that she has to look at the sustainable tourism so that places are able to attract visitors for keeping on going back.

She tool the example of Borobudur where the visitor go to check out the monument and after that they are highly unlikely to visit the site once more as there aren’t anything elese which will attract them to return. Comparatively, Paris attracts repeated visitors since they will be able to rent an apartment in Paris and visit the cafes there and experience the life of Parisan rather than visiting the common tourist place like the Eiffel Tower.

She says that the visitors want experienced that authentic and they want to live like the locals and immerse themselves in the local culture and also the taste of the local food. Thus, Chiba that sustainable tourism and heritage conservation is not simply preserving brick and mortar buildings but more regarding preserving the local culture for getting the local communities involved.

This is the reason workshop is important. This is to get the heritage site managers together with the local communities who are taken to be the cultural assets in order to come up with the activities for carrying out in their respective cities. George Town has been selected as one of the pilot project of UNESCO for linking the creative industries, activities or services which sell the city as an experience, and communities with the site managers in order to come up with the products.


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