The PKR election has gone through many problems this year which includes technical issues.  The vice-presidential candidate of PKR, Zuraida Kamaruddin has expressed her displeasure as to the presence of the ghost voters during the time of party election.

Zuraida has been the previous National Women’s Chief of PKR. Commenting on the presence of the ghost voters, she said that there were members who were not a part of the branch. What are worse there among them there were also non-party members.  The phantom voters have been arrested in the Petaling Jaya. This incident is quite annoying to her. The question that disturbs her is who have actually responsible for sending such groups. She questions as to who is the mastermind who is doing this work. The party workers have managed to arrest the ones who have disguised themselves as the non-members as well.

She has told the reporters that they want a party committee to do a thorough investigation regarding this matter who have sent them these. She being the Minister of Housing and Local Government, have commented that the post of existence of ghost voters during the time of the PKR election using fake documents in Petaling Jaya.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR President is known to have issued a directive to Party Election Committee and also the Disciplinary Board to act against the parties which are violating the process of election. In the meantime, Zuraida has denied the announcement of the winner by the deputy president, Rafizi Ramli. However, it is highly likely that there is going to be a party re-election in Negeri Sembilan and also Melaka.

There are some technical problems. What is going on is not known by the Political Bureau is going to notify the real position. 3 of the 6 Selangor PKR branches which held the polls have triggered controversy with a commotion like quarrel in between Rafizi and Azmin supporters apart from the presence of the phantom voters. A person had commented on Facebook that Rafizi’s supporters deceive the election. However, Azmin has said that he wants clear and fair election.


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