Utusan Malaysia, the Umno mountpiece have issued a rare rebuke of Najib Razak. It has urged the former leader to apologize to the members of the party for lying constantly regarding the source of millions of dollars that he secured in his bank account.

Najib has to apologize to all the Umno members since it is a lie that has wiped out the confidence of the people in the leadership of Barisan Nasional which ultimately led the party to its defeat.  Najib is facing several charges which are related to corruption and money laundering. It has maintained around US $700 million that he secured in 2013 money which is known as the RM2.6 billion transaction that is to be found in the private bank account which was a donation by the Saudi royal family for financing the Umno general election campaign in that year.

This have made the Malaysians feel that they have been cheated as all this time they have accepted the explanation that this money had been a donation from Saudi government in the first hard-hitting commentary against Najib with his fall from grace in the election of May.  The paper said that it didn’t make sense the former prime minister didn’t know about the original source of money in the wake of the revelations which show that it was from Tanore Finance Corporation.

The thing that is more illogical is that Najib hadn’t ever taken the initiative to showcase his gratitude to the Saudi government or even directly to King Abdullah if the big sum had been a donation from them. It added that Najib lies had finally been exposed during the recent Al-Jazeera interview which aired on 27th October. Najib stated that he didn’t have any details of the source of donation. The paper said that not all thieves can be called liars but the people who lie are generally thieves.


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