Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has refuted the allegation relating her campaigning for any PKR candidatures during her recent visit to Julau in Sarawak. PKR President made it apparent that her visit to Julau had nothing to do with the forthcoming party elections in Sarawak. The forthcoming party election in Sarawak is due to take place on 10th November.
Apart from the PKR President, even the Pandan Member of Parliament also dismissed the allegation which was made from some sections of the party. She has been accused of campaigning for Rafizi Ramli. However, the truth of the matter is that Rafizi, who is also vying for the post of the deputy president of the PKR party has been using unlawful ways to win votes. It has been reported that Rafizi in order to win votes for the post of deputy president is paying money to voters. Voters are being paid so that they vote for Rafizi. Similarly, Rafizi is also taking the help of PR companies so that he is shown in positive light. All these actions prove that Rafizi not being a credible candidate for the election.

In response to the allegations made against Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, she mentioned that she is not taking part in campaign for promoting Rafizi. She added that she went to Julau after the party election. However, the election in Sarawak was deferred and her plan to visit Julao was as per her schedule.
Dr Wan Azizah, also a deputy prime minister stated that she needs to certify that the federal government takes care of all states that includes Sarawak as well so that any kind of discrimination is averted. Dr Wan made this comment in response to the statement made by PKR central leadership council member Lataheefa Koya. Koya questioned Dr Wan Azizah’s visit to Julau just before the party elections. Koya even commented that Dr Wan’s visited during a bad time. She even added that Dr Wan Azizah was escorted by Julau memberof parliament Larry Sng.


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