The first blow came when Lee Chong Wei suddenly announced her retirement and gave up her Olympic dream early this month. Hardly a week after that, another blow slams the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) in an uncomfortable position. This blow had also come from another Wei. The two-time winner of World Junior Championship, Goh Jin Wei is about to miss the upcoming Olympics 2020 due to some health problems.

Sources said that Wei is suffering from an unknown stomach problem which is baffling the doctors. This ailment has brought the bright career of Wei on the line. The rumour is, due to this strange ailment, Wei can go for an indefinite break.

BAM was keeping an eye on the 2017 Sea Games champion for a long time. Sources said that BAM is unwilling to bet Wei for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In a statement, BAM has confirmed that they are having a dialogue with Wei regarding this matter. However, they have still not decided anything about her future in this sport.

BAM coaching director Wong Choong Hann said that Jin Wei’s health gets the first priority right now. He confirmed that every necessary step is being taken. BAM has also consulted with many doctors on behalf of Wei. However, the doctors are yet to diagnose any conclusive disease.

According to Hann, if the situation does not improve in the upcoming days, BAM might give Wei a rest for the coming Olympics, so that, she can give her best in the 2024 Paris Olympics. According to him, Jin Wei is aware of this mentality of the association.

Due to this illness, Jin Wei has already skipped Asia Championships in Wuhan, China, in April, and the New Zealand Open in May. Even though she took part in the Sudirman Cup in Nanning, China, she could not give her best there. Earlier this month, Jin Wei competed in Australian Open, however, went home after losing the game in the first round to Sonia Cheah, a fellow participant from Malaysia.



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