Six months into reform government of Malaysia rule, the bloom has started fading as Pakatan Harapan coalition is attracting growing criticism while it tries to find its feet against the economic and political debits that have been left by the outgoing Barisab Nasional that is driven from 9th May after over six decades in office.

Lim Guan Eng, the Finance Minister has outlined the problems that were being faced by the government. He said that the previous government had understated the liabilities and debt by almost 40% rising to RM1.05 trillion for hiding corruption and that debts from the development fund of 1Malaysia Development Bhd could total as much as RM43.9 billion which doesn’t include RM7 billion in the interest that was secretly paid on 1MBD debts with the help of the tax-payer money illegally.

To Malaysia’s credit, the dangerous racial equation where the ethnic Malays will make up around half of the population, the Chinese 23% and Indians 7%, with the rest of them split in between expatriates and also the bumiputera tribed in East Malaysia have cooled down to a great extent.

The country gas a long series of monumental task ahead of it, to rebuild a judiciary which was thoroughly corrupted by the last government which was in power for 61 years. Moreover, the education system is in shambles which is built on the Malay privilege rather than the academic achievement. Lim have called attention to the shortcomings of the education system with a long series of measures allocating money to lower-income students, educational infrastructure, up-grading failing schools, and vocational and training educational programs.

Pakatan have won the election but the expectations from them are also pretty high. Azmin shares a good relation with Mahathir and Anwar which will help him to deliver what is expected of him.


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