After Huawei had their notorious fallout with the US government, one of the major improvements — at least on the customer side of things — was to substitute Google Mobile Services (GMS) with Huawei’s own Mobile Services (HMS). It has had several serious effects, with customers lacking on the Android platform, and support for mobile applications (even Google Play) has gone away.

But one of Google’s app’s many integrated uses is the use of Google Drive to back up WhatsApp chat history. For someone who moves between mobile devices due to work on a relatively frequent basis, having a solution to pass copies of talk between devices is something that needs to be as easy as possible.

Huawei customers in the past have had to turn to workarounds that include copying the backup file manually to a new computer. Now, the company has revealed that Huawei Mobile Cloud would now enable users to “easily backup” their WhatsApp chat logs when it comes to them.

That’s not limited to WhatsApp, with Huawei Mobile Cloud promoting WeChat, Telegram, Twitter , Instagram, and Weibo data backups (messages and media). According to the service, when a consumer logs into their Huawei ID account, chat history is immediately restored — meaning only Huawei-to-Huawei system transactions are compatible.

Stages are relatively straightforward:

Phase 1: Tap on your Huawei ID to change it to >.

Phase 2: Choose Server > Allow Backup in Server.

Phase 3: Select Save Options and go to Device Info.

Phase 4: Disable WhatsApp, and recover logs and files of your chats successfully.

Huawei Mobile Cloud now provides 5 GB of free storage and can be used to back up chat records, device info, and different media formats. Payable upgrades are also available including options for 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB. You’ll get 50 GB free for consumers of the Huawei P40 series for 12 months.


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