Asia races to be the digital economy. A majority of the nation inside the region are struggling to find the talent.  Thus, the companies have started seeing this as a digital transformation programmes slow down, especially in the countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia where the foreign tech talent is scared to compare to Hong Kong and Singapore, the neighbors.

Some of the companies are taking the talent gap in the stride and then turning over the new leaf simply by training the previous employees to cope up with growing technological needs of the business.

Astro CTO Phuah Aik Chong is one of the leaders in Malaysia who is running such a programme for learning about what has motivated them to train few thousand employees in this digital era.  In order to remain relevant to the increasing digital lifestyle of the customer by constantly striving for innovation and diversifying the business for offering full site digital service.

Being a company with employees from different backgrounds and skills, Astro wants to leverage all the executives on the digital transformation journey. Thus, it is considering the ways of rethinking the various ways to work, reskill internal talents, and then reimagine the offerings of tomorrow by Astro.

A recent study has shown that digital skill gap will affect 54% of 1,200 global organizations and has also forced them to revise the digital transformation plans that also mean that they are soon going to leave competitive advantage which the new technology will be able to bring to them.

In order to avoid this, Astro have accelerated the digital talent programme partnering the professional services of AWS in the development of the Certified Innovation Programme and also the Certified Technologies Programme.


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