Aquaria KLCC is Malaysia’s state-of-the-art aquarium located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR: With the school holidays in full swing, parents are no doubt looking for ways to keep their kids happy and entertained.

With that in mind, some parents are hoping for an educational yet fun time that will make any kid forget their video game controllers for a moment.

If that is indeed the case for you, it ‘s a good time to drive into the very heart of Kuala Lumpur to visit Aquaria KLCC where a breath-taking learning experience awaits all ages.

As with the past few years, Aquaria is organising the Cool Kids Workshop that provides children with a hands-on experience in the exploration of the lifecycles of marine creatures.

Open since August 2005, Aquaria KLCC strives to educate visitors on the science of marine life.

Just for this holiday season, the aquarium is organising a series of fun and practical activities that are meant to educate children in the science of the sea and its inhabitants.

But just because you are above the age of 12 doesn’t mean that you can’t step in to engage in the prepared experiments yourself.

Speaking to FMT, Norzainah Omar, Aquaria KLCC’s Education Manager, says that throughout the month of December, a total of 20 practical experiments have been planned for visitors of all ages to experience.

For each week in December, a set of five experiments will be conducted by staff members in sessions akin to show-and-tell.

This December, visitors can take part in a series of informational and practical experiments.

Visitors are welcome to participate in these experiments which are meant to educate them on the science behind the sea and its marine life.

For this week, participants will learn the importance of fat in keeping sea mammals warm and how snakes and other reptiles hunt using heat detection.

Participation in these “first come, first served” experiments will take about 10 to 15 minutes and staff members expect to conduct 30 to 40 such sessions per day.

The experiments are designed in such a manner that you will walk away having learnt something new that very instant.

A visitor takes a selfie as a turtle swims past.

“How can you love an animal if you know nothing about that animal?” Norzainah replies when asked for the purpose of these experiments.

She expressed her hope that the educational experience will remind visitors that they can contribute to both a better future and environment.

Small steps can have big a impact; tackling the use of plastics and pollution will have a positive effect on everyone’s way of life.

A variety of fish swim about in their towering aquarium.

“You have to change your lifestyle,” she continues. It may not be easy but there are no two ways about helping the planet and its inhabitants.

In addition, these activities are meant to make Aquaria a real classroom environment for young people to learn about the world beneath the waves that is increasingly under threat.

With nature at stake, the need for education has never been greater.

“We need the future generation to help us,” said Norzainah.

Ticket prices

• RM39 for children aged 12 and below and senior citizens aged 60 and above

• RM49 for adults and teenagers

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Aquaria KLCC
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Operation hours: 10am-8pm daily