Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, Youth and Sports Minister have urged all MPs, which includes those from the government as well, to stay away from accepting any kind of offers for leading the sports associations within the boundaries of the country. According to the Minister it is necessary for the prevention of the political interference in the sports sector that can affect the future of this sector in the country. He said that he wants to request all the MPs to not accept appointments for the position of president or the chairman for any of the existing sports associations. He also said that the statement may be small but the implications for this matter is great and can have a bigger impact on the sports associations.

If such appointments are accepted by the political leaders they may get letters afterwards which mention that the ministry must give some additional allocation and attention to the sports association. It is to be known by all the MPs that no politician have the capability to lead any of the sports associations in a developed country. if the politicians interfere the sports associations they it can disrupt the method of allocating the financial aids to them which should be done on the basis of performance and merit for ensuring that only the true and qualified associations receive the monetary funds.

Youth and Sports Minister also said that it must also be ensured by him that the landscape which is available for sports in the country is driven only by sports enthusiasts and by those persons who are qualified to get into the sports associations. Politicians must not come into the ministry to request or to get some additional provisions as they have a political position.


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