Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is very clear in saying that there is no delay in handing over the reins of rule in Malaysia, as asserted by Syed Husin Ali, a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) stalwart who claims that the current PM of Malaysia needs to move off quickly else this would destroy PKR and PH parties.

Taking to the social media, the young Youth and Sports Minister is all in support of Mr. Mahathir, the 94-year-old veteran who was unanimously elected by the Malay population in the 2018 elections.

 Syed Saddiq believes that “Dr. Mahathir should be given space to rule the country instead of being forced to resign while he was chosen by the people to be the prime minister.”

Saddiq backs the idea that Malay people “want reforms and improvements and they are not obsessed with the transition, struggle for power and political sabotage. The obsession over the transition and excessive politicking will destroy the government’s ambition to bring about comprehensive reforms and to restore the country’s economy,” he said.

A PH agreement had stated that Mr. Anwar Ibrahim would succeed Mr. Mahathir after his release from prison. Mr.Anwar was released from prison on a royal pardon days after PH’s historic win. But Saddiq said that the document nowhere stated that the hand over would be done over a period of two years. There was no time frame specified. The young minister is obviously not in favor of an hasty change of command, as Mr. Mahathir’s wisdom and courageous moves can be seen as a development of unprecedented levels in Malaysia.

“A ‘two-year’ transition for (Dr.Mahathir) to step down was not mentioned in the document that we signed. If it’s not, why lie to the people? Why force Dr.Mahathir to resign now when this was never agreed upon by us?” shared Saddiq on his social media handles.

Speaking in defense, PKR’s Syed Husin acknowledged that there was “nothing written” on the handover date. But the two-year deal came could be a derivative of PKR that thought that the extradition process for Anwar’s release would take about two years.

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