Zuraida Kamaruddin asks the party to re-look the voting system of the PKR party polls and then allow just the qualified members to vote. According to her, the members are not ready or even matured to assess the leaders. She feels that they are victimizing the silent members who are selected to vote like people with disabilities and elderly women who are dragged into the polling stating for e-voting.

Zuraida Kamaruddin mentions that since the system is not managed properly, they need to wait for hours. She pities them and says that they should not be victimized. She is also the Housing and Local Government Minister and she referred to the chaos in some of branches during the 2nd leg of the e-voting of Selangor PKR with 1 member fainting in Puchong due to the long wait.

You can still maintain the e-voting but she hopes that PKR will check the mechanism and alter the qualification of the voters. They have to streamline the people who have been a part of the party for 10 years; they should be allowed to cast their vote.  Since they are more matured, they will know their leaders.

She called on the top leaderships of the party to take one step back and then reassess the situation that has opened up PKR to the public criticism.  The party polls are being watched by the Malaysians as they are the government of the day.

Zuraida says that there is no need to be embarrassed in order to take step back and then reassess. In case you have to make the changes, you need not be egoistic about it. The PKR polls have started on 22nd October and are going to end on 10th November.


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