It can be said that the statement which was made by Rafizi Ramli, a PKR deputy president contender was not true and it was also baseless. The statement was made in the context of the alleged cyber attack which compromised the e-voting process for the polls of the party in the branch for Julau situated in Sarawak. He is also of the thought that his opponent Azmin got majority of the votes from there on his favor because of the e-voting process and there was something wrong in the system too.

It was also claimed by Zuraida Kamaruddin, PKR Wanita chief, Rafizi is utterly confused about the e-voting process in which the votes for the post of PKR deputy president were done in some of the locations. He also does not have the basic understanding about the function of the software, Prey Anti-Theft, which was used during the e-voting process in some of the states of Malaysia. It is also known from some of the sources that the software is not a virus which is malicious, but it is actually an application for the protection of the information and also to conceal them inside the tablet devices which were used during the e-voting process. This software is the best way to keep the information from being compromised especially confidential information about the voting procedure. This application is also useful for monitoring information and to get the exact location of the tablet device if it is stolen or lost.

Rafizi alleged that the application was a malware and it was being used to steal information from them from the voting polls. But this allegation was absolutely false. Zuraida Kamaruddin also said that it is baseless to comment on something of which he does not have the full idea or the understanding about. It was also stated that Rafizi was against using any kind ethical or legal means to get the correct information about the votes from different areas of Malaysia.


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